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Descendants Biographies Descendants Biographies
Ball Ann Phillis Ball Ball Thomas Ball
Banbury George Banbury Barsby Elizabeth Barsby
Bell Hannah Bell Cleaver Ann Cleaver
Blood Richard Blood Goddard Mary Goddard
Brown William Brown Goss Harriet Goss
Colver J Colver Gregory Ann Gregory
Cope Richard Cope Needham John Needeha
Farrin Ann Farrin Parker Ann Parker
Floyd William Floyd Potter Emily  Potter
Froggett James Froggett Rodwell William Rodwell
Hammonds Joseph Hammonds Smith Edward Smith
Hanby Mary Hanby    
Hanford Dorathy Hanford    
Harding Nathaniel Harding    
Higgs Sarah Higgs    
Hill Alice Hill    
Hudson Mary Hudson    
Judd Robert Judd    
King Thomas King    
Middleton Elizabeth Middleton    
Perkins John Perkins    
Robinson William Robinson    
Sansum Thomas Sansum    
Smith Mary Smith    
Snead Ann Snead    
Stringer Thomas Stringer    
Swain Catherine Swain    
Tew William Tew    
Trafford Elizabeth Trafford  
Walton Elizabeth Walton    
Ward William Ward    
West Thomas West    
Willson John Willson  
Woodward Isabella Woodward    
Wright Wills Wright  

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