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A collection of more family members' biographies:

Biographies show major events in the lives of ancestors, contextualised with data taken from a list of historical dates between 1066 and 2012. see:- History Data

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Cope Families Needham Families Wright Families Smith Families
Thomas Cope 1831-1896 Tom Needham 1846-c1946 William Wright 1814-1897 William Smith 1844-1912
Tom Cope 1871-1951 G-(Fred) Needham 1875-1951 Charles Wright 1862-1952 John Smith 1875-1945
William B Cope 1902-1954 Louis H Needham 1907-1970 Ethel L Wright 1903-1991 Emily E Smith 1906-1994
John Stringer 1849-c1949 Henry Snow 1834-c1911 Charles Middleton 1838-1909 Samuel Smith 1838-c1895
Eliz' A Stringer 1877-1962 Sarah A Snow 1876-1948 Julia Middleton 1864-1948 Ann Smith 1876-1954