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Hanby Family Data

Family of earliest Hanby ancestor:  
5xGt'Grandparent of Brannon Cope.  
Mary Hanby
m.07-Oct-1720 in P.C. Melton Mowbray. to William WRIGHT
and had 13 known children:
1. Mary WRIGHT (b.c.1723)
2. Thomas WRIGHT (b.c.1722:d.14-Jul-1786) m.18-Mar-1749/50 in P.C.Melton Mowbray, to Ann Colley née FARRIN
3. William WRIGHT (bapt.04-Feb-1724:bur.25-Feb-1724)
4. Elizabeth WRIGHT (bapt.1728)
5. Anne WRIGHT (bapt.10-Oct-1730)
6. William WRIGHT (bapt.13-Jun-1733:bur.15-Jul-1733)
7. Rachell WRIGHT (bapt.22-Apr-1733/4:d.1733/4)
8. Sarah WRIGHT (bapt.23-May-1734/5)
9. John WRIGHT (bapt.07-Dec-1735)
10. Ann WRIGHT (bapt.07-Dec-1735)
11. Jane WRIGHT (bapt.21-Sep-1739:bur.20-Oct-1739)
12. Martha WRIGHT (bapt.14-Jan-1740:bur.27-Feb-1740)
13. Edward WRIGHT (bapt.26-Feb-1741:bur.04-Mar-1741).
bur.29-Jan-1743 in Burton Lazars.
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