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Census Records

The Census Records.

Each decade since 1801, excepting 1941 during the war, a National Census of Population has been taken and since the one taken in 1841, where the persons’ ages, names and their relationships were recorded, a very useful series of records of interest to the genealogist, have been kept.
After aprox’ 100 years these records become available for study by the general public. Since 1841 they contain varying amounts of data pertinent to the study of family history.
Currently (2010) there are eight series available, taken on the following dates:-1841 - Jun 6, 1851 - Mar 30,
1861 - Apr 7, 1871 - Apr 2, 1881 - Apr 3, 1891 - Apr 5, 1901 - Mar 31 and 1911 - Apr 2.
The census archives contain data extracted from the census enumerator's books showing information specific to the families of this genealogy. Each family member alive and at a particular address is shown as part of the overall family. If family members are absent from home on the census date, they are likely to appear with another family, or at another location, on the night of that particular census.
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